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Cities around the globe, especially large ones, are facing evergrowing risks to their food supply chain. Farming land around the edges of cities is being taken over by urban sprawl which paves over and pushes the arable land further away from the bulk of consumers. This adds longer food travel and bigger distribution centres as well as added cartage cost for farm inputs. Climate extremes are making exposed food production unpredictable and ever vulnerable to all manner of reoccurring hardships like drought, fire, floods, unseasonal hail and snow. Such conditions may lower world production by 25% in the near future.


Indoor climate controlled environments are rapidly being implemented in future aware cities. This is where food can be grown horizontally and vertically in a variety of spaces made available within new or repurposed buildings like abandoned inner city warehouses. They can also be modulated and stackable like shipping containers.


A drawback to wide adoption is the considerable upfront capital costs which includes the housing for the growing environment hand and the internal shelving structure to support the plants to be able to grow in the air. Additionally, many container farming solutions require high energy input from water reticulation, lighting and temperature control. Our future ready innovative farming concept is able to greatly reduce these prohibitive costs and ensure we can meet the demand requirements set for a smooth transition away from Global Food Supply Threats.


We fitout new and secondhand shipping containers with everything needed for vertical farming. They require minimal input of external water and energy to function so as to provide rich and profitable greens, herbs, vegetables and even fruits. We can also make the system work well inside larger building spaces that don't involve shipping containers. These are ideally suited to high roofs and become dense food forests that grow larger plants like bananas and paw-paw. These can also be located in cities.